First Topic Prospecting future skills and occupations

This topic explores skills occupations and professions of the future and mechanisms of their identifying and adapting to training programs. It also explores the role of TVET in qualifying the required competencies. This topic includes the challenges facing TVET in light of Industry 4.0.

Second Topic The role of TVET in achieving sustainable development

This topic details the contributions of TVET in developing training modules to enable young people to cope with the requirements of the labor market. The topic also addresses TVTC's contribution in encouraging creativity and innovation in promising fields and in developing training curricula and approaches. The topic includes the role of the professional certificates in the training-based standard.

Third Topic Investing in TVET

This topic aims at identifying the most prominent strategies and experiences of investment related to TVET, and focus on entrepreneurship and measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) thereof. The topic also discusses models on partnership and privatization related to TVET.